Library Expansion

Both branches were built circa 1963 at 9,000 square feet each. Both were expanded circa 1985 to 12,000 square feet each.

In response to a series of rumors about the future of the library, the Irondequoit Public Library Board of Trustees, in November 2003, wrote a letter to the citizens of Irondequoit promising that no decisions had been made about the future of the two existing library branches. While recognizing the need to improve conditions at the outdated, undersized and deteriorating library facilities, the Board of Trustees further promised that no decisions would be made until a thorough, objective study of the situation was undertaken. In an effort to keep citizens informed of the progress made so far, we present the information below.

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Get Involved!
The Irondequoit Public Library Board of Trustees urges you to get involved in the process of determining the future of the library. Review the documents below. Visit libraries in other towns to see what is possible. Think about how the library can best meet the needs of your family and the entire community. Communicate your ideas to town and library officials. The Community Stakeholder Team and the Design Charettes were just the beginning of opportunities for you to get involved. In the coming months there will be many more chances to be sure that your library service needs will be considered. Go to your library, this site or local media to be sure of not missing your chance to contribute!

Library Board Letter to Citizens of Irondequoit
Project Timeline

Surviving Blueprints and Drawings of Existing Buildings
East and West Original Buildings circa 1963:

Surviving Blueprints and Drawings of Existing Buildings
Remodeled Buildings circa 1985:

Expansion Feasibility Study of Existing Buildings
In 2003, the Library Board commissioned a structural engineering consulting firm, Herrick – Saylor Engineers, P.C., to determine the feasibility of adding a second floor to the existing library buildings, Here is the report generated from that study.

Panz Library Consulting Report
A report estimating library space needs in Irondequoit for the future based on national standards, studies of current library collections, current use and interviews with library staff. Also contains estimated budget implications of single and multiple branch approaches to library expansion.

Part One: Report Transmittal Letter
Part Two: Final Report
Appendix A – Detailed program for single branch facility
Appendix B – Detailed program for East Branch
Appendix C – Detailed program for West Branch
Appendix D – Spreadsheet Comparisons (HTML)

Thomas Group Final Report
The Thomas Group Final Report is a collection touching upon all the data gathered during library expansion study. Some of the sections are summaries of the findings of other consultants and groups. In instances where the entire findings of a consultant or group are present elsewhere on this site the summary is omitted and you are directed to the complete material.

  1. Introduction / History of Need / Thank You
  2. Process, Goals, Meetings
  3. Building Conditions Survey: Summary
    A report from the Thomas Group outlining the current condition of the two branches, their suitability for expansion, and repairs or improvements needed to continue as viable library facilities.

  4. Land and Program Needs
  5. Design Charette Summary
    • Design Charettes Results and Pictures (Word Document)
      Drawings and photographs from a two day workshop where the Library Board, architects form the Thomas Group, members of the Community Stakeholder Team and committed citizens of Irondequoit brainstormed ideas for remodeling or expanding the current branches as well as multiple scenarios for new library construction.
  6. Analysis and Evaluation
  7. Executive Summary
  8. Meeting Minutes
  9. Appendix A: Titus-Cooper-Hudson Town Center Diagram

PowerPoint of Presentation to Town Board
A progress report to the Town Board by the Library Board, Library Director, The Thomas Group and Panz Library Consulting on September 20, 2005. Includes summaries of the above information as well comparisons of the Irondequoit library branches with libraries in other communities in terms of age, size and amount of use.

Irondequoit Public Library Board of Trustees
Contact the Library Board of the Library Director to discuss the proposed plan at the address below.

Irondequoit Public Library Board of Trustees
45 Cooper Rd
Rochester, NY 14617

Terry Buford, Library Director
45 Cooper Rd
Rochester, NY 14617