Friends of the Library Letter in Iron. Post: We Need a Strong and Vibrant Library

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The following letter from The Friends of the Library was published in the Irondequoit Post on November 1, 2013:

I am President of the Friends of the Irondequoit Public Library, not to be confused with the “Friends” as portrayed in the letter of October 17, 2014. Despite the claims in that letter, none of our members have hijacked anyone. In fact, speaking of misinformation, someone circulating the petition that forced a second vote claimed to be a Friend of the Library, which was a blatant untruth. The real Friends wholly support the new Library building.

A Library is so much more than a source of information, or as some people think, just books. A new building will provide the flexibility and space to realize a better future for all our citizens. To compete effectively in the new, fast changing world, we need a population of informed and technologically savvy citizens. Instead of fearing the changes that are rapidly altering the way the world is connected, the Library embraces those changes.

Our Library is a transformational force. It is, uniquely, the only place that makes the commitment to deliver equal access to information and technology every day and to every member of our community. It is the only public resource that provides shared community values. It offers a true sense of belonging and respect for community. A strong and vibrant Library adds to the town’s stature and serves as an essential asset in our community.

We must bring our Library into the 21st Century. It is no longer feasible, nor fiscally responsible, to maintain the duplication of expense for two aging buildings that do not have sufficient space. The severe limitations today for the disabled, the lack of quiet rooms for reading or tutoring, the need for areas for noisy, active children and teens, for programs, and more, will be remedied with a new, energy efficient, centrally located, single structure on the Town Hall campus.

The Friends of the Irondequoit Public Library are an all-volunteer, independent, 501(C)3, non-profit organization who have supported the Library for more than 40 years. Our mission is funding the Library programs that are offered at both branches to our patrons of all ages, year round, and to actively advocate for our Library.

We are immensely proud of the work we do on behalf of our Library. We believe that this new building will serve us all as a positive social, economic and knowledge filled return on our investment.

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