Library Board & Town of Irondequoit Announce Plan For Central Library

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This morning in the Broderick Room of the Irondequoit Town Hall, the Library Board of Trustees and the Irondequoit Town Board proposed a plan to build a new central library on the Town Hall campus.

A bond referendum will be held in Spring 2013. In addition, a fundraising campaign will begin today to help cover the cost of the new building. The community will be able to participate in the process through meetings that will be held regularly at times and locations to be announced. All information related to the central library project will also be posted on the library’s website.

Please click the “Read More” link for more information about the proposed central library building and we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

Irondequoit Public Library:
Where the Community Connects

A Plan for the Future:
The Library that Our Community Builds

What: The Irondequoit Town Board and the Library Board of Trustees propose a central library.

  • The building plan is for it to be an approximately 60,000 square feet building on 3 floors including a basement.
  • There will be room for dedicated teen and children’s sections.
  • Quiet study areas, Wi-Fi with adequate space and outlets for laptop use, more computers, efficient staff offices.
  • Additional, flexible meeting room space for library programs and community use.
  • Adequate storage, convenient parking, and space for community use to include dedicated Town Historian office and Local History areas. Some of this space will also be revenue producing.
  • The new central library will also support and provide community center functions.

Where: The library building will be located on of the Town Hall Campus.

  • This is a central location that has been conceptualized in the past.
  • Building on the Town Hall Campus saves the cost of purchasing land and avoids removing land from the tax rolls.
  • Titus Avenue has sidewalk its entire length, so the new central library can be reached safely by foot. Town Planning and Development Department has indicated that the Town Hall Campus can effectively hold the building proposed.
  • Young children can safely bike and walk the sidewalks to the new library.
  • Every effort will be made to make sure the building complements to the architecture of the Town Hall.

When: Building could begin as soon as possible after the referendum passes.

  • A bond referendum will be on a ballot in spring or early summer 2013.
  • The bond will be an amount not to exceed $16 million dollars. An aggressive fundraising campaign will be launched to reduce the total cost of the project to be paid by taxpayers.
  • Passing the bond equals an increase of $34 dollars per year for the average $100,000 home. (.34 cents per $1000 of assessed value, $2.83 per month). Figures are for a 30-year bond at the current interest rate of 3.8% (provided by Town’s Bond Administrators).
  • Passing the bond now takes advantage of the lowest interest rates.
  • The town’s borrowing rate is very favorable.

Why: The existing buildings no longer serve the needs of 21st century library users. 1985 was the last major renovation/expansion of the town library.

  • Seating, computer spaces, office space, storage and shelving are all inadequate for library users and staff. (See
  • Upkeep for the aging buildings costs the library an average of $44,000 per year. (See
  • The cost of bringing the two buildings up to the standard of other Monroe County libraries is prohibitive with a new build allowing for more flexible space design.
  • Centralization of current individual branch services and shared services with other Town Hall Campus functions reduces operational costs.
  • A central library was determined to be the best and most cost effective of the five options explored and studied for many years (See additional information for breakdown of options and cost analysis of each option.)

How: Our community unites to build a library we can be proud of.

  • A fund raising campaign will begin immediately.
  • Major donors are being contacted.
  • Grants are available and the town and library boards will work with the selected architect on securing as many grants as possible.
  • In accordance with the land deed, the Evans Branch will revert back to the West Irondequoit Central School District if the property is not used for a town purpose.
  • The McGraw branch will be sold reducing the amount needed for the bond and putting the property back on the commercial tax rolls. Most recent estimates have the property valued at $1.1 million.
  • Every library board member has pledged to contribute to the campaign.
  • Informational meetings will be held regularly with questions and answers posted on the library website and added to documentation in print at each branch.
  • Watch the library website or check the branches for information on the donor campaign, schedule of informational meetings, and regular updates. For additional questions contact the library board at or Terry Buford, Library Director, at or 336-6064.

View the press conference, “A New Chapter for the Irondequoit Public Library,” here:

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